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LoveCoin Token Fundamentals


A peek into the future of LoveCoin


V1 Coming Soon

February 2022

Live Daily Price Action

Use Love Coin to Send + Receive Value

Love Coin Network is available to the entire world 24 hours a day 7 days a week


Giftcards + LoveCoin

Buy Gift Cards from 300+ Major Retailers


Tip LoveCoin

Tip LoveCoin with Twitter


Trade LoveCoin

Buy + Sell + LoveCoin


Swap LoveCoin

Swap + Send LoveCoin


LoveCoin Faucet

Collect LoveCoin Every 24 Hours


LoveCoin Charity

Donate to feed 40+ Children + More!

Choose from over 12+ Token Trading Pairs

Multiple options for exchange - Letting you trade comfortably and safely within the DEX

What can Love Coin do?

How can I use Love Coin today?


Investors can spend their Love Coins via Chimoney's Xapp ChiSpend on Xumm! Choose from over 300 gift cards from retail brands like Ebay, Uber, Amazon, iTunes, and more!

This partnership with Chimoney provides immediate value and utility to Love Coin.

What good is a coin/token if you can't do anything with it?


Utility is the key and partnerships provide liquidity! The fact that you are able to use your LoveCoin for digital gift cards is a game changer!


Love Coin currently offers two options to earn more Love Coin based on your holdings. First option is to become a member of the exclusive

Millionaires Club!


Simply hold a minimum of 1 million Love Coin and earn at least an additional 25,000 Love Coin per month! What other coin is offering these kinds of returns for holding?

Earn 20% cash back paid in Love Coin with every purchase on Chi Spend XAPP within XUMM Wallet when using Love Coin! Utility has arrived!



As a Love Coin holder, there's no better feeling than introducing someone new to Love Coin!  Once your friend, family member, or co-worker has set up a Xumm account and Love Coin trustline, you can use Our "SEND" option above to get them off and running!


You simply need their Xumm username or XRP address, enter the amount of Love Coin you wish to send, and swipe to confirm the transaction!



Love Coin formed a partnership with TipBot, an Xapp on Xumm that allows a user to tip Love Coin on Twitter!  TipBot allows users to "Spread the Love" with one simple command. This partnership adds value and utility across multiple platforms.

Love Coin believes in rewarding those who actively participate with its Twitter accounts. Love Coin uses TipBot for distributing standard tips and to disperse giveaway and contest winnings, often over 50K Love Coin at a time!



Holding tokens on Xumm you'd like to trade for Love Coin?

You can use our "SWAP" feature using Pathfinding XAPP within the XUMM ecosystem to trade those tokens for Love Coin in just a few steps!


Click on our "SWAP" option to start!



Purchasing Love Coin has never been easier! Simply click "TRADE NOW" or "TRADING PAIRS" under EXCHANGE TAB to access buying and trading options for Love Coin

Exchanges and many other sites in the future will be hosting Love Coin for multiple services!

What is the Love Coin Network?

Speed + Super Low Fees + 24/7 Reliability

Warp Speed

1 - 3 Seconds transfers

wallet to wallet. Send and Receive Love Coin from anywhere in the world in record time!

Low Fee

Linked to XRP as our main valuation gives us the power to charge nearly zero fees 0.00012 xrp per transaction. ($0.0001392)

Fixed Supply

Love Coin has a fixed limited supply of 1 Billion. No more then that number can ever be created. A fixed supply secures full transparency!


Multiple features filled with utility! Love Coin brings a ton of use case and value such as tipping, swapping, spending, earning, donating and much more!

Our First Sponsored Meal

Love Coin Network was able to feed 40+ children in the Philippines 

Our Thanksgiving Meal

Love Coin Network was able to feed 50+ children in the Philippines 

Our First Commercial

Love Coin Network First Marketing Video

"I created the Love Coin Network as my giveback to society. The goal is simple to spread Love & Joy to everyone on this planet bringing them digital value for the long term of their existence in the form of digital love!"

Love + Utility = Value

❤️ - Love Coin Network Creator

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