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Welcome to LoveCoinNetwork BLOG #001

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Welcome to the first edition of the Love Coin Network blog! In this edition we'll recap the first 10 weeks of the Love Coin project and let you know what to expect between now and the end of 2021. Lets dive in...


Love Coin is a digital currency on the XRPL that enables you to rapidly send a monetary expression of gratitude or support. You'll notice by the name, Love Coin Network, this isn't just about Love Coin but creating a network of value. The plan, whether it's a self-sustained ecosystem or a collaboration of multiple tokens, has not been released but one thing is certain - the creator of Love Coin recognizes the importance of networking and community involvement.


Love Coin was birthed a mere 10 weeks ago and it's already taking the XRPL by storm! The early weeks were spent establishing an online presence including social media and a website, Love Coin was also listed on Xumm, quickly exceeding 10,000 trustlines. Soon after, Love Coin partnered with Tipbot, allowing Love Coin to be tipped by the creator, moderators, and hodlers. To date over 3,000 tips have been sent totaling over 3 million Love Coins!

The website V1 was launched and has seen multiple upgrades since being released. The website currently offers everything an investor needs to participate in Love Coin. The enormous amount of features includes:

* Opening a Love Coin Wallet

* Direct link to the Dex

* 13+ Love Coin trading pairs

* Live daily price action

* Swap & Send Love via Xumm

* Tokenomics

* Milestones

* Charity

An enhanced version of the website is scheduled to be released in December 2021.


Ask Love Coin's creator what his biggest accomplishment has been so far and his eyes light up while he responds "Love Coin Charity". Love Coin Network recently held its first event by hosting a dinner for 40 less-fortunate children in the Phillippines. There's even a video of the event post on the website and on Twitter. You can't help but feel the love. The next charitable event is scheduled for mid-November when dinner and goodie bags will be provided to 50 children in the Phillippines. Donations are greatly appreciated and can be made under the Charity tab at


Love Coin Network is more than a coin - it's a community. Since conception Love Coin's creator has been busy building partnerships. The first partnership was Tipbot on Xumm. Since the partnership began, there have been over 3,000 tips totaling over 3 million Love Coin being transferred.

While at the XRPL Summit, Love Coin's creator met and forged with the creator of - a platform designed to use crypto to buy gift cards, transfer funds peer-to-peer, purchase air time, and other great features.

Love Coin was also listed on so investors have easy access to price and trends. The live price quote can also be seen on the homepage of

One other partnership is with a "faucet-like" app called Coin Dropper. Once released Coin Dropper will be a new coin distribution tool.

These partnerships are only the beginning to bringing use case and utility to Love Coin Network. Stay tuned to Twitter for more partnership announcements! @LoveCoinPrice


In 10 short weeks the value of Love Coin has skyrocketed! From the conception price of 0.000001 to the All-Time High of 0.0072 was an increase of 719,900%!!! Love Coin is still in its early stages so be sure to load your bags before the Love train leaves the station!

First year of Love Coin Network is about price discovery and distribution to investors!


Over the next 60 days there are several more milestones approaching Love Coin. Most importantly is the upcoming charity event benefitting 50 children in the Phillippines. Donations can be made on under the Charity tab.

In addition to the charitable dinner there will be an updated version of the website released, more partnerships forged, the public release of and Coin Dropper, increased exposure on social media, and much, much more.

Rumor has it there will be a few other surprise announcements between now and the end of 2021.

Until next time - keep spreading Love!

-Love Coin Team

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