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The #XRPL space last November was filled with exciting times. Learning about #trustlines and #airdrops! It was like Christmas came early and leading the pack for me was $LOVE. They were #tipping and doing #giveaways and I was all about both! And it was called $LOVE. How is that bad? There was a call by $LOVE for a tipper and I sprung at the chance to give $LOVE away! It just sounded like the right thing to do. Let me tell you, getting started with all the tools can be a real exercise in tenacity. Thankfully I’ve trained for this. And I felt #XRPL and $LOVE were both excellent choices. I moved some assets in and really embraced the #LCN projects in general. This lead to much swiping right to approve XUMM payments with #tipwithxumm. And to a general sense of well being giving away $LOVE to people who often genuinely appreciated all the giving that the $LCN had offered.

Let’s see now. As time went on the giving became very exciting. I was promoted and started to collect quite a team of great folks. Every one of them is a tremendous contributor to the mission to freely and fairly distribute $LOVE. At this point, I’m able to speak more often with #LoveCoin and get a real sense for the ambition and the sincerity of the project. I was looking at a person who wants the #hodlers to succeed with the project. Someone looking to do big things for good reasons. I knew I was in the right place as at the time I looked around at this once fertile playground turned into a minefield of rugs and outrage and fear. Sense then, it’s only up. One block at a time, building the infrastructure for success. .#LoveCoin’s commitment to the project is 110%. Impossible to keep up with of course, but I am afforded the opportunity to enjoy exploring and building a #metaverse space for the #LCN.

Let’s talk tokens. $LOVE was distributed widely by the project and as final marketing winds I look forward to some merchandising, #NFTs, and a special request project! I think everyone will $LOVE this feature when we reveal it! Onward to retail! #UnionCoin started out with a great vision for the good of people who need it. With the restructuring, I think it's even better. Feeding hungry people is fundamentally good in books and I think this is a great mission. And then I’m getting 100% return monthly for 12 months on any UnionCoin I purchase with my donation! Its unprecedented and really up to those #hodling to decide how the token does. Honestly, I'm pretty excited to see how the experiment goes!

#DRIPPED gear is one of a kind and will succeed. The products are unlike anything I’ve seen and I see the markets for it. The token I look forward to seeing its path grow with its #rewards programs and I further look forward to more #nfts and obviously more #metaverse projects!

#LCN is an investment in ourselves as a community. I want to succeed. Do you?


LoveCoin Managerment

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We have made such amazing progress in the 6+ months on the XRPL. We are now the #1 tipping project on the XRPL.

Also a multi project network and ecosystem that thrives daily!

We have been doing about 10 plus giveaways from multiple accounts daily, weekly for the last 6 months. Unfortunately the amount of giving has drastically destroyed the price of LoveCoin from our high point of close to a penny. For the last 6 months due to all the giveaways the value has been taking a tremendous hit.

In order for LoveCoin to be a store of value as intended to be we knew we had to give a lot away in the beginning. After 25 weeks of giving every single day.

The giveaways daily + weekly on twitter now come to an end.

Thank you for all your participation in every single giveaway. It was the best opportunity to win LoveCoin and lots of it. Every great opportunity does not last forever. Giving as much as we did at this point if continued will become unsustainable over the long term.

There will be one giveaway running for 30-45 days from the projects official website.

We will still have big tip posts for community engagement and our faucet to collect free love coin daily.

Our rewards programs will be a major way in loading up on value every month!

In order for Love Coin Network to succeed and be here for years and years to come we have to eliminate the daily giveaways.

We have given millions and about a 10% percentage of our supply initially away. 3 Airdrops the first month left the price being demolished daily. Having so much on market that early was damaging. Every project should look into the damage airdropping does to a new project. (If they plan on being here long term of course)

Not many are here for the long term, as we have seen so many projects fall and disappear into the shadows of the XRPL.

Twitter is just one piece of our big puzzle. We have tipped over 15,000+ tips totaling for over 1% of the LoveCoin supply. We have accomplished major milestones and achieved all of our goals that we set out six months ago.

We have 12+ team members sending out tips daily and we don’t see alot of the community members tipping each other. Please if someone sends you a tip in LoveCoin send some to a friend or buddy! It helps the ecosystem grow long term!

One of LoveCoin's main goals from day one was to be the number one tipping project on the XRPL and we have achieved that six months later!

Our vision is crystal clear, LoveCoin is a major store of value TODAY with retail consumer features and rewards programs that can be accessed and used daily. Major real world value and utility.

The first 6 months has been epic to say the least! We will be here for years and years to come.!

The 3 airdrops the first month crushed our price action instantly and we have been recovering ever since.

We had no IDO no presale no major funding on day 1. The idea and goal was to get as much love in everyone's wallet as we could the correct way with out damaging longevity.

So going forward Twitter giveaways are cancelled for #LoveCoin

Its a very good thing for the long term investor seeing LoveCoin wont be so easy to obtain for FREE.

The giving has become unsustainable for the long term of a business to be successful, it must be scaled back. We love doing the giveaways it was a lot of fun. That time and effort the team has put in will be delegated to more productive and valuable content for the long term investor.

We gave so much that it would be unsustainable long term to continue another 6 months in the same manner.

This is a professional registered digital asset company and ecosystem with major store of value properties and incentives for the retail investor and consumer.

We are not a meme coin or a joke short term project.

The real store of value is LoveCoin on the XRPL for the long term investor, it is only a matter of time until the world finds out about #LoveCoin and its feature set.

Speculators and gamblers won’t be here in 6 months time. This is a long term investment with major incentives for the long term holder to win and capitalize on value and passive income monthly.

The project was created to help you all. Some enjoy damaging the price and selling for 6 months straight. It’s been tough to watch and handle for the last 6 months.

We will be here for years and years to come regardless of the bad seeds in the bunch. We have so manty great investors and supporters! We will never quit and failure is not an option. Anything we do for the long term is for the benefit of all the LoveCoin holders at all levels!

To everyone who has diamond hearts and has been accumulating at these low levels during these 6 months. I applaud you and thank you very much! You will win big in the end of it all.

We have laid out incentives and many ways to earn LoveCoin.

While we continue to build our ecosystem and network that is growing rapidly every minute.

The rest is upto you. We dont control price nor do we want to! The goal is to move up the mountain!

I love each and everyone of you even the sellers they need love too :) They were once buyers!

If this is the bottom then there is no better time to start accumulating. Im glad we were able to hit every single one of our goals 6 months later!

Time to make a new list!

Transparency with our community has been a major key to our trust and loyalty to our holders.

My main allocations stays locked for another six months. Who knows maybe I’ll lock it all up again for another year to ensure that long-term investors are safe from dumping.

Locking my allocation should give everyone peace of mind that we are here for the long term.

And for the record when profit is taken from the top it will be done in a manner to not destroy the price or pairings by selling heavy amounts all at once. Anything I ever do is for the benefit and longevity of this company and project like it has been since day 1 going forward.

Not many creators would be willing to lock their stacks for multiple years to ensure the ecosystem can build and thrive long term or be here daily since day 1.

I didn’t do this for the money like most did. 💰 I did it to leave a legacy and build a brand globally that will be a house hold name by 2030.

A big or small amount of the population will eventually hold LoveCoin, It is just a matter of time.

Some will take full advantage of the opportunities we present and provide but most will not and it’s unfortunate to those who do not.

Now that LoveCoin WIL NOT be handed out so freely hopefully we can start to really move up as a store of value on the XRPL.

Buy low sell high

(Not financial advice)

Have a great week!

We are just getting warmed up for the future 💌😉

LoveCoinCreator (LCC) 😎❤️

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Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Welcome to the first edition of the Love Coin Network blog! In this edition we'll recap the first 10 weeks of the Love Coin project and let you know what to expect between now and the end of 2021. Lets dive in...


Love Coin is a digital currency on the XRPL that enables you to rapidly send a monetary expression of gratitude or support. You'll notice by the name, Love Coin Network, this isn't just about Love Coin but creating a network of value. The plan, whether it's a self-sustained ecosystem or a collaboration of multiple tokens, has not been released but one thing is certain - the creator of Love Coin recognizes the importance of networking and community involvement.


Love Coin was birthed a mere 10 weeks ago and it's already taking the XRPL by storm! The early weeks were spent establishing an online presence including social media and a website, Love Coin was also listed on Xumm, quickly exceeding 10,000 trustlines. Soon after, Love Coin partnered with Tipbot, allowing Love Coin to be tipped by the creator, moderators, and hodlers. To date over 3,000 tips have been sent totaling over 3 million Love Coins!

The website V1 was launched and has seen multiple upgrades since being released. The website currently offers everything an investor needs to participate in Love Coin. The enormous amount of features includes:

* Opening a Love Coin Wallet

* Direct link to the Dex

* 13+ Love Coin trading pairs

* Live daily price action

* Swap & Send Love via Xumm

* Tokenomics

* Milestones

* Charity

An enhanced version of the website is scheduled to be released in December 2021.


Ask Love Coin's creator what his biggest accomplishment has been so far and his eyes light up while he responds "Love Coin Charity". Love Coin Network recently held its first event by hosting a dinner for 40 less-fortunate children in the Phillippines. There's even a video of the event post on the website and on Twitter. You can't help but feel the love. The next charitable event is scheduled for mid-November when dinner and goodie bags will be provided to 50 children in the Phillippines. Donations are greatly appreciated and can be made under the Charity tab at


Love Coin Network is more than a coin - it's a community. Since conception Love Coin's creator has been busy building partnerships. The first partnership was Tipbot on Xumm. Since the partnership began, there have been over 3,000 tips totaling over 3 million Love Coin being transferred.

While at the XRPL Summit, Love Coin's creator met and forged with the creator of - a platform designed to use crypto to buy gift cards, transfer funds peer-to-peer, purchase air time, and other great features.

Love Coin was also listed on so investors have easy access to price and trends. The live price quote can also be seen on the homepage of

One other partnership is with a "faucet-like" app called Coin Dropper. Once released Coin Dropper will be a new coin distribution tool.

These partnerships are only the beginning to bringing use case and utility to Love Coin Network. Stay tuned to Twitter for more partnership announcements! @LoveCoinPrice


In 10 short weeks the value of Love Coin has skyrocketed! From the conception price of 0.000001 to the All-Time High of 0.0072 was an increase of 719,900%!!! Love Coin is still in its early stages so be sure to load your bags before the Love train leaves the station!

First year of Love Coin Network is about price discovery and distribution to investors!


Over the next 60 days there are several more milestones approaching Love Coin. Most importantly is the upcoming charity event benefitting 50 children in the Phillippines. Donations can be made on under the Charity tab.

In addition to the charitable dinner there will be an updated version of the website released, more partnerships forged, the public release of and Coin Dropper, increased exposure on social media, and much, much more.

Rumor has it there will be a few other surprise announcements between now and the end of 2021.

Until next time - keep spreading Love!

-Love Coin Team

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