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A Managers Perspective of LOVE

The #XRPL space last November was filled with exciting times. Learning about #trustlines and #airdrops! It was like Christmas came early and leading the pack for me was $LOVE. They were #tipping and doing #giveaways and I was all about both! And it was called $LOVE. How is that bad? There was a call by $LOVE for a tipper and I sprung at the chance to give $LOVE away! It just sounded like the right thing to do. Let me tell you, getting started with all the tools can be a real exercise in tenacity. Thankfully I’ve trained for this. And I felt #XRPL and $LOVE were both excellent choices. I moved some assets in and really embraced the #LCN projects in general. This lead to much swiping right to approve XUMM payments with #tipwithxumm. And to a general sense of well being giving away $LOVE to people who often genuinely appreciated all the giving that the $LCN had offered.

Let’s see now. As time went on the giving became very exciting. I was promoted and started to collect quite a team of great folks. Every one of them is a tremendous contributor to the mission to freely and fairly distribute $LOVE. At this point, I’m able to speak more often with #LoveCoin and get a real sense for the ambition and the sincerity of the project. I was looking at a person who wants the #hodlers to succeed with the project. Someone looking to do big things for good reasons. I knew I was in the right place as at the time I looked around at this once fertile playground turned into a minefield of rugs and outrage and fear. Sense then, it’s only up. One block at a time, building the infrastructure for success. .#LoveCoin’s commitment to the project is 110%. Impossible to keep up with of course, but I am afforded the opportunity to enjoy exploring and building a #metaverse space for the #LCN.

Let’s talk tokens. $LOVE was distributed widely by the project and as final marketing winds I look forward to some merchandising, #NFTs, and a special request project! I think everyone will $LOVE this feature when we reveal it! Onward to retail! #UnionCoin started out with a great vision for the good of people who need it. With the restructuring, I think it's even better. Feeding hungry people is fundamentally good in books and I think this is a great mission. And then I’m getting 100% return monthly for 12 months on any UnionCoin I purchase with my donation! Its unprecedented and really up to those #hodling to decide how the token does. Honestly, I'm pretty excited to see how the experiment goes!

#DRIPPED gear is one of a kind and will succeed. The products are unlike anything I’ve seen and I see the markets for it. The token I look forward to seeing its path grow with its #rewards programs and I further look forward to more #nfts and obviously more #metaverse projects!

#LCN is an investment in ourselves as a community. I want to succeed. Do you?


LoveCoin Managerment

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